Crazy Open Car
Crazy Open Car
Category Games/Action
Device Android 2.3.1 or later

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Ordinary cars? Luxury cars? Who cares, let's turn them into open cars! Make the drivers happy with their new open cars!

■How To Play
Tap on the screen when closed car appears! When tapped at the right timing, it turns into open car.

■Watch Out For Axel Hamao
If you think there's only cars on the road, you've got another thing coming!Watch out for something to come along and spoil your fun!

The speed king, the rampaging buffalo, Axel Hamao, is out to get you!

If you attack him by mistake, it's game over, so make sure you're careful to let him pass by!

■Keep an Eye on Your Time Remaining
You need to be fast to satisfy all the people in their closed cars.If you let them go by, or tap at the wrong moment, your remaining time will go down at an incredible rate.

■Become a Crazy Open Car Hero
The drivers will be overjoyed that you turned their boring old closed cars into cool open cars!More people will come to watch, and you'll be on your way to becoming an open car hero!Can you use your open car skills to make all the drivers happy!?

■It's Crazy! No One Ever Thought We'd Make It Into a Game!
The idea for this game came in 15thplace at the famous PERACON15 at CEDEC, Japan's largest computer entertainment developer's conference. It's crazy! Way to open up those cars!

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